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What We Do
Mechanical Insulation, the only product that pays for itself, from industrial, to commercial projects, the Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied workers do it all. We insulate all types of mechanical systems we also specialize in fire protection, life safety and perform energy audits making us the number one Energy Conservation Specialist. Insulation is the first step in energy conservation, on thermal piping, HVAC systems, domestic water lines, and cryogenic work. It also provides an excellent barrier for freeze protection and personnel protection.

Industrial Insulation
In Southern Nevada power plants are the biggest industrial market using insulation. Power plants range from nuclear facilities, coal fired steam generators, natural gas co-gens, and solar power steam generators. Power plants have many uses for insulation, to control fire hazards, personnel protection, freeze protection, and most important to conserve energy. Generating plants that use steam require a great deal of insulation. On coal and gas fired plants the boilers where the water is converted into steam are fully insulated. The turbines on these plants are fully insulated with removable insulation so that maintenance can be performed. All exposed water lines that are subject to freezing requiring insulation.
 In the last 40 years the Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied workers Local 135 have insulated all co-gens in Southern Nevada and continue to perform maintenance on all plants. A major part of power production in the U.S.A. is nuclear power. Nuclear power plants require a great deal of insulation to be used on their steam and water lines.                  

The new trend for power is renewable energy. You have to options with solar power. The use of photovoltaic plants which require no insulation but only operate when the sun is shining. The other option is to focus the suns rays onto pipes filled with molten salts to create steam which turn a generator. The molten salts can hold heat for long periods of time, long after the sun goes down or long enough for the storm to pass. This cannot be done without the use of insulation. Geothermal is another renewable energy source that depends a lot on insulation to reduce energy loss after the energy is captured from the earth.        

Food processing plants require a great deal of insulation along with, bread, chocolate, beverage factories, breweries and much more. Most large preparation kitchens have water lines, grease ducts, and oven exhausts that also have the need for insulation.     

Oil and gas refineries use insulation throughout their plants, along with ore mines and ore refineries. 

Data Centers use insulation to keep controlled areas at a constant temperature for sensitive equipment.     


Commercial Facility
Casinos, office buildings, and restaurants, all require insulation. The HVAC system that’s used to create the comfortable atmosphere in these facility’s require a great deal of insulation. These systems start with chillers and boilers feeding lines for great distances to air handlers and fan coils. Air is then pushed through coils into duct systems to be released out of the register. Insulating the chillers, boilers, piping, and duct systems help reduce heat transfer condensation which minimizes Kilowatts and BTU’s.        

Fire-Stop and Life Safety
Commercial buildings and hospitals depend heavily on fire stop. Fire stop helps prevent the passage of fire and smoke through rated barriers. Local 135 has fire stopped a majority of the buildings in southern Nevada. Fire stop is a great way to protect property and human life. In restaurants you have grease in exhaust ducts which can be a major fire hazard. Insulation is used on ducts to contain fire within the duct.

 With fire codes forever changing it is important to constantly upkeep fire stop to insure compliance. 

Energy Audits

Energy audits are a way to see where insulation is not performing like it is designed to. This can be due to lack of insulation, damage to insulation, and/or poor application methods. Thermal imaging cameras are used as a visual tool to show thermal variances with accurate temperature analysis. Using the images along with calculations approved by the DOE we can show saving in dollars and CO2 emissions. The second you insulate you save and we can prove it!  

Local 135 Saving Energy and Saving Lives in Southern Nevada.