Apprenticeship and Training Center Info

 Welcome to the William Jewett Training Center and the Bruce McBride Firestop Institute located just miles from the Las Vegas strip. Here we pride ourselves on producing the most qualified and professional Mechanics for the Insulation Industry. From light commercial to heavy industrial we do it all. Our insulation program consist of a 5 year earn as you learn apprenticeship. During these five years students will gradually learn all aspects of the trade while earning the wage based on their level of learning. This allows the student to gain experience and knowledge at the same time. Once you have enough work hours along with school hours the student will move up to the next level of learning. Our trade school is backed and accredited by the College of Southern Nevada (CSN) so every student that attends these classes also earns college credits. After all courses are completed students may receive an Associate’s Degree from CSN.

 Our Bruce McBride Firestop Institute is our firestop training facility. Here is where we train our pre apprentices. This program gives opportunities for individuals to experience the trade at a very early stage. Joining this program can give you a leg up in joining the apprenticeship program. Firestoppers are expected to perform the tasks as professionals while getting to know their fellow brothers and sisters. This program is also used to gauge individuals on their motivation and interest in the trade.                   

Application Requirements, Times, & Dates

Requirements for Application to Insulators & Allied Workers Local 135 Apprentice Program    

1. Must be at least 18 years of age and hold a valid driver’s license.    

2. Birth certificate or other such document for proof of age.

3. Have high school diploma or GED along with high school transcripts of classes and grades.    

4. Military transfer or discharge Form DD-214, if applicable.    

5. Appear for interview when notified.    

6. Recruitment, selection, employment and training will be without discrimination because of race, color, religion, national origin or sex.    

7. Applicants must reside in and have been a resident of the geographical jurisdiction of Local 135 for one year prior to making application.    

8. Any application not returned in the required time frame or returned incomplete, shall be eliminated from the application process. All applicants must apply in person.

Prior applicants must resubmit the above documents.  Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

 Jon Yunker                                                                                                                                               Director of Apprentice Training                                                                                                         (702) 649-7897 

Once Applicants complete the application they will be given an interview date. Every applicant will be scored combining the application math test and interview. That score is good for two years from interview date. The local will bring in apprentices as needed by the contractors taking the top score.   

We except applications 8:00AM – 4:00PM every third Friday of the month at the hall located. 

4316 East Alexander Rd. Las Vegas NV, 89115

Training/Journeymen Upgrade

This is an opportunity for our journeymen to come back and refresh theirs skills, attend new classes or receive re-certification. Our industry is forever evolving with new standards, technology, and materials. For this reason we offer these classes at no cost to the mechanic and encourage attendance. 

Courses that may be available are:

  • Industrial pad Sewing

  • Heavy metal Layout

  • Outside Duct insulation Installation

  • Thermography Training

  • OPEN Nipper Night (anything the mechanic wants to work on or needs help with)

  • Firestop re-certification of 3M, Hilti, STI 

  • Firestop Foremen Training

  • OSHA 10-30

  • COMET Training

  • Stewards Training 

Certifications you may receive.

  • OSHA 10

  • OSHA 30

  • Firestop certification 3M, Hilti, and STI

  • Thermography and Green Awareness

  • Asbestos Abatement

  • Foremen Training Professional craftsman code of conduct

  • Industrial sewing

  • Metal layouts

  • College Credits

Apprenticeship Requirements

Each apprentice must serve a (5) five year apprenticeship which shall consist of (10,000) ten thousand hours of on the job training, (2,000) two thousand hours per year and also complete (720) seven hundred and twenty hours of classroom training, (144) one hundred forty four hours per year. The classroom/hands on training is provided in our state of the art Training Center that is located in Las Vegas NV, It should be noted that Insulators & Allied Workers Local #135 Apprentice Training Program is registered with the State of Nevada Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprentice Training. 

All apprentice members are trained in the following applications:

  • IFundamental Insulation I

  • Applied Insulators Math I

  • Labor History 

  • Fundamental Insulation I 

  • Applied Insulators Math II  

  • Field Experience II  

  • Advanced Metal Jacketing II  

  • Removable Insulation and Design  

  • Effective Supervision  

  • Field Experience IV  

  • Computer Labor Management  

  • Smart Mark Safety Training  

  • Confined Space Safety Training  

  • Prof. Craftsman Code of Conduct 

  • Construction Safety I

  • Vapor Barriers

  • Field Experience I  

  • OSHA 10 – OSHA 30    

  • Construction Safety II   

  • Advanced Metal Jacketing I  

  • Field Experience III   

  • Blueprints, Codes and Specifications  

  • Construction Safety III   

  • Supervisor Asbestos Abatement  

  • Disaster Response  

  • Quality Control Craftsman Training  

  • Fire Seal and Penetration Certification  

  • Training  Comet I & Comet II Training

All apprentices receive hands on training in all the latest applications with all the newest insulation materials, often even before the materials hit the market.

Jon Yunker 
Director of Apprentice Training 
(702) 649-7897