Training Courses

 Certifications you may receive

• OSHA 10


• Firestop certification 3M, Hilti, and STI

• Thermography and Green Awareness

• Asbestos Abatement

• Foremen Training 

• Professional craftsman code of conduct

• Industrial sewing

• Metal layouts

• College Credits 

 Courses that may be available are:

• Industrial pad Sewing• Heavy metal Layout

• Outside Duct insulation Installation

• Thermography Training

• OPEN Nipper Night (anything the mechanic wants to work on or needs help with)

• Firestop re-certification of 3M, Hilti, STI 

• Firestop Foremen Training

• OSHA 10-30

• COMET Training

• Stewards Training 

All apprentice members are trained in the following applications:

Fundamental Insulation I                 

Construction Safety I 

Applied Insulators Math I                       

Vapor BarriersLabor History                     

Field Experience I                      

Advanced Metal Jacketing I               

Field Experience III

Removable Insulation and Design        

Effective Supervision                              

Field Experience IV                                 

Asbestos Abatement

Labor Management              

Smart Mark Safety Training                   

Confined Space Safety Training            

Prof. Craftsman Code of Conduct        

Fundamental Insulation II                      

OSHA 10 – OSHA 30 

Applied Insulators Math II                      

Construction Safety II

Field Experience II 

Advanced Metal Jacketing II 

Blueprints, Codes and Specifications 

Construction Safety III 

Supervisor Training 

Computer Skills 

Disaster Response

Quality Control Craftsman Training

Fire Seal and Penetration Certification

Training  Comet I & Comet II Training

Current member of local 135 and would like to attend one of these courses? 

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